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Thinking About Shai

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With book 2 of the Coalition well under way (but still behind), I thought I’d share a few things with you. Like, who Shai is to me.

Those of you who know me best will see the resemblance between Shai and me…not in appearance, but in personality. She’s stubborn. And while I try not to be, for Shai her stubborness is what she clings to like a lifeline. Even when she’s wrong and knows it, she’d rather not admit it. Her pride in her stubborness is what helped her survive in a community of orphans.

Shai is also tenacious. Even when she doesn’t understand things she throws back her shoulders and faces things head on. This girl would rather die than cower.

And tears? Not a chance. I’m not fond of heroines that appear weak and fragile. Who cry everytime something good, bad, or ugly happens. I can’t relate. Crying is exhausting. I don’t do it often. At least, I don’t cry over myself very often. I DO cry when I’m proud of my kids, my grandson, or feeling especially grateful for my husband.

But, unlike Shai, I don’t take life too seriously. Or, let me rephrase that, I don’t take the hard stuff too seriously, because even with all the crap that life throws you, it’s temporary. And I refuse to let negativity rule my day. Shai still has a lot to learn in that department. She spends an awful lot of time letting Aliah get to her, but I think it’s because she loves him, and she feels things deeply even though she’d rather not.

So, here are a few pictures of how Shai looks to me. She’s beautiful, but not self-absorbed. She isn’t even aware of her beauty because she doesn’t care. She’s too busy surviving. She has a look of innocence and determination.

It was hard to find a picture of how she looks to me, because too many beautiful girls out there are trying to look sexy or alluring, and that’s just not Shai. When I think of how Shai looks I think of my daughter. She has the clearest blue eyes, and while she’s not a blond now, her hair was pale blond when she was born and remained that way for several years. (My daughter’s eye appears on the front cover of the book, which is something I’m going to continue for the rest of the series.)

I have a thing for eyes. I’ve been criticized about it because I mention eyes a lot in my novels. But eyes are the window of the soul. Someone could be saying one thing, but their eyes could be revealing something else entirely.

So, here’s Shai.



My daughter’s eye. Inspiration for the Coalition.


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