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The Breakfast of Champions

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Okay, I’ve been writing steadily these past few weeks, even while on vacation (that’s usually the best time to write anyway if my family doesn’t suffer from my mental absence too much.) So, instead of cold cereal for breakfast this morning before rushing off to write, I decided to make a breakfast of champions…um, mini version (I don’t like heavy breakfasts).

Sadly, it took me three tries (therefore 3 eggs) to finally get my soft boiled egg and by then my toast and coffee were cold.

I sat back and surveyed the mess of cracked eggs with their mucosy whites swirling with the runny yolks and thought, “this is supposed to be easy! My husband does it all the time!” Um, ya.

I finally figured out what I did wrong. For all you people out there who have as rough a time as I did making a (simple) soft boiled egg, remember these tips:

  1. Boil & Rest (put eggs in the water before the water begins to boil, then at the first sign of bubbles in the water, turn the heat off, cover and let eggs rest for 3.5 mins for electric heat and 4 mins for gas)
  2. Rolling Boil (bring enough water to cover eggs to a rolling boil, drop eggs in carefully then reduce heat to low. Set timer for 6 mins for electric heat & 7-8 for gas… I’m not kidding. Mine were snotty still after the 6 mins with gas heat. UGH!!)

Well, that wraps up the breakfast of champions!

If you want to eat the breakfast of a writer just screw up your eggs, wait for your toast to get cold and your coffee to form a scum then enjoy!!


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