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I have a surprise for you…

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Surprise! I’m super thrilled to bring my readers a fresh perspective in the Coalition trilogy. Coming soon! (In digital format only)


KAEL’S OBSESSION is book 1.5 (novella) told from Kael’s point of view.


Here’s a quick look.

It’s no ordinary book. It knows things. And the secrets I’ve read in it are making me crazy. I have to destroy the Book before my obsession with it destroys me.

Kael is an anti-social teen on the outside, but conflicted by intense emotions on the inside. Especially when a mysterious book of secrets is given to him with the command to protect it.

His obsessive behavior threatens to drive him over the edge of sanity until the night his community is nearly burnt to the ground. That night he meets a girl named Shai and is inexplicably drawn to her.

When he realizes his strange reaction to her is because of the Book he decides to destroy it before his obsession shatters his mind or kills him.


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