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Peach Bellini Tea and Other Stuff That Induces Creativity

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Ok, not really, but it’s fun to think that all I have to do is sip on something tasty and the creative juices will flow.

Anyway, I’ve just finalized the edits and revisions on book 1.5 Kael’s Obsession, and sent it off to be published. It’s only going to be released as an ebook for now, but I’m thinking that when the series is complete it might be cool to package books 1.5 and 2.5 together into a single paperback.

What do you think?

I really liked focussing on Kael’s POV. He’s a fun character to write. He’s what I call a navel-gazer. Always looking at himself, introspectively, while thinking he can fix the broken world around him. A real self-professed hero, I’d say. So, when he crashes, he crashes hard. Reality hits this guy in the kisser when he finally understands his role in Shai’s life in The Outerlands. You’ll just have to wait and see…

Speaking of The Outerlands, it’s behind… yup. Super disappointing, but I hit real wall. Let’s face it, the ‘wall’ is why I started drinking Peach Bellini tea in the first place. Chardonnay makes my head too fuzzy to think, Pepsi makes me too buzzy (bubblies in the tummy…yo!) Ok, so the ‘wall.’ Yeah. I’m told every writer faces it, but I know myself. I just need to switch gears and pretty soon I’m right as rain! (where did that euphemism come from anyway?) So, I took two months to write Kael’s Obsession. Now, I’m back on track… and I only needed a few gallons of that tea… (and a few pounds of Pringles and red licorice. YIKES).

I’m signing off now. Miya and Jake in the Outerlands are waiting, as well as Kael, Shai and the others in the Division of Edan. Yes, they are linked. In the most msyterious way…. muuuooooaaaahhhhh!! (**evil laugh**)





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