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The Coalition Audio Book Chapter 4

Shai’s visions are becoming more frequent. Who keeps appearing to her, and what does he want? Get the entire ebook here

The Coalition audio book Chapter 3

Told from Aliah’s perspective. Shai moves into the Hill House after being chosen to bear the Leader’s child. Aliah tries to comfort Shai, but she’s sending him mixed signals. He needs to get her to trust him if he’s to protect her. Get the entire ebook...

The Coalition Audio Book Chapter 2

Shai experiences flashbacks that make her wonder about a past she can’t remember.

The Coalition Audio Book Chapter 1

I’m SUPER excited to bring you The Coalition audio book! Every week you’ll receive the next chapter in the Coalition, read by me (Shai’s and Ava’s parts) or Braeden Dempster (Aliah’s parts) Best of all, it’s available in iTunes so you can easily subscribe so you won’t miss the next chapter!   Okay, let’s begin. Can’t see the audio player? Click below. Download this episode (right click and save)...