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How Fiction Changes Lives

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Why is dystopian fiction so popular? Why are books like The Hunger Games, Divergent and Ender's Game not only topping the best-seller charts, but becoming blockbuster hits in the cinema as well?

Dystopian fiction asks the hard questions:

The hero often lives in a controlled world or in post-war environment that provides less than favorable conditions. You find yourself engaging with the characters immediately and sympathizing with their circumstances which tend to be remarkably more difficult than your own.

And since dystopian fiction is often a projection of your own present fears and concerns, you cheer when the hero gains control and your own hope is restored for your present circumstances.

Have you ever read a fiction novel that changed your life? Did it give you hope? Did you sympathize with a character that was similar to yourself? Did the hero's response to a problem give you insight into your own life?

I write dystopian fiction not only to provide a temporary escape from present-day problems, but to change lives.

How can a novel change lives?

By shedding light on real life issues. By talking about dark topics: death, suicidal thoughts, murder, jealousy, rage and betrayal. My characters go through what no one would wish on their enemy and in the end they discover true freedom and hope.

We live in a world of increasing pressure from parents, peers and other adults. As you launch out in self-discovery you are bombarded with critical life-questions that demand answers. Answers that will ultimately define your identity.

Questions like:

If you don't have a solid understanding of your identity as a teen, you might stuff the hard questions down and ignore them. But eventually you will be forced to answer them as an adult and face an identity crisis. Or if you continue to seek answers, yet never come to any real conclusion you'll find yourself being labeled as rebellious.

My hope is that my stories will encourage you to not only ask yourself the hard questions, but to find solid answers. And in so doing, you will change your mind about yourself. You will awaken to see yourself for your true value rather than what others say about you or how you think your circumstances shape you.

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