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Festive Lights and… Sadness

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Someone, somewhere has lost someone they love.

Someone, somewhere hates Christmas because it marks a tragedy in their life.

Someone, somewhere is at the wrong place at the wrong time and is being yelled at, abused and beaten.

These are terrible thoughts…

Yes. They are. Thank you, Captain Obvious 😉

I’m reminded that as I’m out holiday shopping and gathering my supplies for a week of baking that not everyone is feeling as festive as I am. That maybe, just maybe, that grumpy checkout person is having a rough time right now because last year her mom passed away right before Christmas.

Or maybe that guy who flipped me the bird because I was travelling extra careful on the icy roads (and yeah, I was going slower than everyone else…) is dealing with heartache because he won’t get to see his kids this Christmas.

I’m reminded, that even if there’s no peace in the situation I can still bring peace to others by not responding the way they may expect. With a kind word, a soft smile and forgiveness.

Someone, somewhere is changing someone else’s day because of kindness.




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