The Genesis (Coalition 3)

The Genesis (Coalition 3)
Shai takes a walk on the dark side. But now she can't escape it's seduction.
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Tormented by her inability to protect the Outerlands, and afraid of Kael’s increasingly disturbing behaviour, Shai feels alone and powerless. She seeks out Samael and makes an agreement with him. In return, he gives her a black onyx ring. A ring that gives her unusual power.

But ever since she accepted the ring, Shai is haunted by the dead. And the ring won’t come off. The only way to stop the torment is to convince Samael to give her the secret to the ring.

But Samael has his own agenda, and now is his chance to seduce her. Once she falls for him, she is eternally bound to him.

One kiss… one night with the enemy… it’s a wild walk on the dark side. And there’s no coming back.

Or is there?

The Book is the only thing that can break the curse of the ring and bring Shai redemption. But Kael is the only one who knows where the Book is, and he’s lost his mind…

How far would you go to hide what you’ve done? The darkness cannot hide you forever…

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