Kael’s Obsession (Coalition 1.5)

Kael’s Obsession (Coalition 1.5)
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Series: The Coalition, Book 0
Genres: Dystopian, Novella, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: KingdomNow Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781310629358
It's no ordinary book. It knows things. And the secrets I've read in it are making me crazy. I have to destroy the Book before my obsession with it destroys me.
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About the Book

Obsession can be murder…

Book 1.5 novella in the dystopian teen thriller series: The Coalition

Kael, the anti-social teen from Sector Three, reveals the story behind the mysterious appearance of the book everyone’s been talking about: the Book of secrets.

His obsessive behavior with the Book threatens to drive him over the edge of sanity until the night his community is nearly burnt to the ground. That night he meets a girl named Shai and is inexplicably drawn to her, in spite of their incompatiblity and his hatred for her home town.

When he realizes his strange reaction to her is because of the Book he decides to destroy it– before his obsession shatters him.

Kael's obsession portrays the events of Aria's first book so accurately that it is effortless to imagine the scenes take place from both character's points of view. Her books are written in a way to encourage your imagination and leave you in awe. The series is unique and fascinating, keeping me a close follower of Aria's release dates. Can't wait to read more.
– Sydney
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