Who Is A.J. Wolfe?

I’m a YA author of speculative fiction 

I write dark, in order to reveal the light

I love cheese & wine.

People & nature.

Movies & books.

So here’s some info about my so-called secret life. I grew up beautiful British Columbia surrounded by mountains and rivers. That is where lots of my inspiration comes from. My family moved around a bit (house to house) but we generally stayed in the same area.

I remember making myself a little sitting nook in my closet when I was in grade 6. I took everything off the floor of my closet, crammed it full of pillows and a bedside lamp, curled up in there with pen and paper and shut the door. My mom wasn’t too impressed. She thought it was a kinda weird. Ok, so maybe it was. I could stay in there for hours… reading, writing and just plain day-dreaming. I loved being alone. I would even hike up the mountain behind our house just to find a dreamy spot, hidden in tall grass, to think.

I met my husband in that sleepy town (he wasn’t from there). He walked in like a cool breeze. I’m not kidding. He was a fresh face and I was interested! We were married less than a year later. I have three kids. My oldest son is married (LOVE my daughter-in-law) with two adorable grandkids (ooooooo, I love those baby faces!). My daughter is getting married this summer (2016) to an awesome young man. My youngest son keeps things lively around here.

Besides writing, I enjoy reading (writers are readers!), singing, writing music, playing the piano, camping (glamping) with my fam jam, sitting by the fire, sipping great wine and eating fantastic cheeses. I don’t generally like shopping, but I do  with my totally gorgeous daughter. She makes everything fun. (It’s her amazing blue eye in The Coalition inset and book trailer.)

My boys keep my sides aching with their humor and my husband keeps me sane. My parents are incredible. I had to share them while I was growing up (they always had other kids living with us or being cared for by Mom), but I didn’t mind. Life was interesting… it still is.

I live in super busy town in Alberta, Canada where I’m in business, as a Realtor, with my husband and (soon to be) son-in-law. Someone started calling us ‘The Dream Team’ and it stuck. So that’s who we are.

Well, now that my life isn’t so secret, I will quit rambling. I hope you enjoy The Coalition Series!


What people are saying about THE COALITION SERIES:

“It was like I was actually in the book!”

“I couldn’t put it down.”

“Fast-paced. Exciting!”

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