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A Day In The Life Of…

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My life is extremely organized. It has to be. What started out as a discipline (in my late teens) became second nature.

Here’s an average day in a nutshell:

My favorite corner of the Living Room

I post something on each and briefly check the feed on each (liking a few & commenting as I go). This takes about 45 minutes.

Then I put on my work out clothes, grab my water bottle and iPad and head downstairs to my workout room. Depending on what day it is I jump on the elliptical for a half hour for a calorie burning, heart-pumping cardio workout or I grab my Bowflex weights (free and rod) and work my muscles for about 30-40 mins (3 reps of 10 for each exercise).

Love my workout room

While I am working on my body I also put on my audio bible app on my iPad. I love listening to app because they dramatize it (with music and different actors).

Then I head back upstairs to shower, do my hair and face and tidy up my room. (I actually enjoy making my bed. Yup. I’m weird.)

Candles, bubble bath and S-Factor shampoo 🙂

Then back downstairs (water bottle in hand) to throw a load of laundry in and fold the previous load. While I am folding I either listen to a sermon on YouTube or I watch a flick (depending on what I’m currently writing. Watching movies or T.V. shows based on my genre helps with character studies or setting. Sometimes, when I’m stuck, I watch to get creativity flowing again.

After the laundry is folded and put away I head back upstairs and sit for a half hour to read the same chapters of scripture I had listened to while working out. This really gets into me and makes it stick. I love God immensely.

FINALLY (if I haven’t had any interruptions from phone calls or texts or appointments from work to show houses) I will turn on my iPad to Spotify and find a good movie music score or soundtrack and settle in to write. (I blog as well as write novels).

Settling in to write in my writing room

So, that’s how my morning looks. My afternoon (late afternoon… after 3) is spent doing more laundry, tidying the house, catching up with my kids and hubby and cooking. Often I book appointments and coffee dates with friends in between everything that’s happening too so I just go back to where I left off in my schedule when I return home.

This way everything gets done. It’s satisfying when you can look around and realize all you’ve accomplished in a single day.

BUT because of this, writing only gets 3-5 hours a day unless I’m in edits and the pressure’s on.

Thanks for stopping by. May you get everything done today that you set your heart on to do.




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