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4 Tips On How To Get Writing Inspiration

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Some authors say discipline is the key. They sit religiously in front of their word processors and pound out at least a paragraph. They know they can always edit and revise later.

Some authors need to feel inspired before they write. To sit in front of a blank screen, staring at a blinking curser does nothing for moral. I'm one of these types.

So how do I stay inspired enough to write? Do I make my mind a blank canvas through meditation? Do I listen to music? Find a muse?

My answer is: all of the above and more.

Here are 4 quick tips on how to get inspired.

Sound a little extreme? To some maybe, but I like to have a good grasp of not only what I'm writing about but who. If my characters are cardboard cut-outs then I won't be inspired to write which means no one will be inspired to read it.

I enjoy writing about each of my characters and their love interests and adventures.

I hope you enjoy reading about them!




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